Racial Profiling


About Racial Profiling

     The Chandler Police Department is committed to respectful and professional police service, in doing so while protecting the constitutional rights of all citizens in the performance of our duties. Our success is based on the respect we give to our citizens and those who visit our community. To this end, we shall exercise our sworn duties, responsibilities, and obligations in a manner that does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, gender, national origin, ethnicity, age, or religion.  Allowing bias to influence enforcement efforts can lead to illegal arrests, searches, and detentions, thus thwarting the mission of our department.  Most importantly, actions guided by bias destroy the trust and respect essential for our mission to succeed.  We live and work in communities very diverse in population: respect for diversity and equitable enforcement of the law are essential to our mission.  Racial Profiling and Racially Biased Policing will not be tolerated within the Chandler Police Department.  This mindset is strictly enforced through department policy and mandated training.    

Racial Profiling Defined

     Racial profiling is defined by the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, (Art. 2.132) as a law enforcement-initiated action based on an individual' s race, ethnicity, or national origin rather than on the individual's behavior or on information identifying the individual as having engaged in criminal activity.

Recording and Statistics

     The Chandler Police Department has mandated the use of mobile video and audio recording equipment for all police vehicles, including body-camera devices that are regularly used to make motor vehicle stops.  The department policy dictates that recorded video remains archived concerning motor vehicle stops for a time period up to 25 months. Command staff randomly reviews these recordings no less than once every 90 days to ensure that officers are complying with department policies.

     The Chandler Police Department collects statistical data from citations, warnings and recorded video regarding racial profiling as required by Legislature and by policy. This information is then compiled, analyzed, and submitted to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.  A Racial Profiling report is also presented annually to the City Council of Chandler prior to March of every year.

Questions or Complaints

Questions or complaints of racial profiling, as with other complaints against department personnel, may be lodged with Chief of Police Kalon Rollins or Lieutenant Chris Stanbery.  Complaints may also be made by phone, the internet, or in person at the Chandler Police Department through the following avenues.

Physical Address:

811 SH 31 E.

Chandler, Texas 75758

Phone: (903) 849-6853

Email: krollins@chandlertx.com  

In accordance with Texas Government Code 614.022 to be considered by the Chief of Police for disciplinary action the complaint must be (1) in writing, and (2) signed by the person making the complaint. A copy of the signed complaint will be provided to the Officer or employee during an administrative investigation as prescribed by law (Texas Government Code 614.023).

Criminal Charges may be filed if a person with intent to deceive intentionally files a false complaint.