Municipal Energy Usage

Texas Government Code 2265.001(b) requires cities to publish the following information annually on their website:

  • “metered amount of electricity, water or natural gas consumed”; and
  • the “aggregate costs for those utility services”.

This report is consistent with the statutory direction to governmental entities to report the aggregate (combined) costs for electric, water and natural gas services.

The City of Chandler Energy Usage for Calendar Year 2023

Natural Gas: 

The City of Chandler purchases natural gas from Atmos Energy. In Calendar Year 2023, The City of Chandler purchased a total of .658 thousand cubic feet (MCF) of natural gas.


The City of Chandler purchases electricity from GEXA Energy. In calendar year 2023,  The City of Chandler purchased a total of 1,571,936 kilowatt hour.


The City of Chandler does not purchase water.

The total cost of natural gas, electricity, and water purchased by The City of Chandler in the calendar year 2023 is $194,886.55.

For more information on the City of Chandler's energy usage, please contact City Hall at (903) 849-6853.