Scams in Our Area

Please be careful and don't fall prey to scammers. If you feel that something is not right, please call the Chandler Police Department at (903)849-2181 and speak to the officer on duty. You may also go to the IC3 website to report scammers. The website is very user friendly. Complete the form with all the information you have on your situation complete with names and phone numbers. Once you complete all the required information, the information will be sent directly to the FBI database. You can also look on the website for other scams that have been reported.


Roof & Attic Repair Scan:

Very recently four men in a red Chevrolet extended cab truck with paper tags have been telling Chandler area property owners that they see problems with their roof. They also ask to look in the attic for damage from squirrels. They tell the owner that they need roof and attic repair. They seem to be targeting elderly people.

Lottery Scam:

Someone from overseas calls and states that you have won a certain amount of money but they first need the victim to go get a cashier's check or go to Western Union and send them a certain amount of money. The predator then advises the victim to send money to another address but to keep $200 for themselves. Most of the time, senior citizens are targeted. The Postal Inspector, Fed-Ex and UPS all have ongoing investigations regarding this scam.

Needy Family Member Scam:

Someone from overseas will call and state that a family member in another state is in need and a cashier's check needs to be sent or money wired through Western Union. This is another scam that mainly targets the elderly. The predator can have your telephone number changed without your knowledge where only they have access to the number. This actually happened to a victim in Chandler who sent them thousands of dollars.

Electric Meter Scam:

Once again, predators are focusing on the elderly by coming by their residence and telling the victim that there is something wrong with their electric meter. There are usually two males and one will keep the victim focused on them. They will tell the victim the co-worker needs to inspect their electrical box and other electrical wiring. While the main predator is talking to the victim, the other person will go throughout the house and look for cash, jewelry and other items. This type of scam occurs frequently even in the rural areas of Henderson County. 

Squirrels in Your Attic Scam:

There have been numerous Hispanic males going around the Tyler area that are advising victims that they have squirrels in their attic and they can remove them. The predator tells the victim the fee and once that is paid, they advise the homeowner that they will be on the roof. The predators get into their vehicle nd leave once the victim goes back inside of their residence. The males are said to be teenagers to early 20's and of the the vehicles being used is a white Ford Ranger, license plate unknown.

Publisher's Clearing House Scam:

Hispanic individuals have called elderly residents in the Brownsboro area saying they are from Publisher's Clearing House and they have won 3.5 million dollars and a new BMW. They then ask for their financial information so they can send them their money. They are also very pushy.