Chandler Fire Marshal 


Officer Stephen Kidd serves many roles as a member of the Chandler Police Department including the following:
Fire Marshal, Emergency Management Coordinator, Code Enforcement Officer and Plans Examiner.  
As the city Fire Marshal, Officer Kidd's duties straddle a line between firefighting and police work dealing with fire service related investigations such as the causes of fires, but also serves as an educator in providing fire prevention advice and techniques.  As Fire Marshal, Officer Kidd also enforces all state and local fire codes. Similar to those duties Officer Kidd also serves as the city's Emergency Management Coordinator.  Officer Kidd trains, plans and coordinates with local and state EMC's to prepare for all matters of emergencies, both natural and man made disasters in order to keep our city safe. 
As Code Enforcement Officer his duties include performing a variety of technical monitoring and enforcing of the city's ordinances, codes and regulations relating to; land usage and maintenance, nuisance housing, health and safety issues, and other matters of public concern.  As Code Enforcement, Officer Kidd also serves as a resource and provides information on city regulations to property owners, residents, businesses, the general public and other city departments. 
As Plans Examiner, Officer Kidd assists the city management with permit issuance and inspection.  Being the city's Fire Marshal, Officer Kidd is also trained in structure safety and plans examination concerning new and remodeled construction sites within the city limits.  This expertise allows for on hand inspection of new construction and follow inspection to ensure all new and remodeled structures built in the city are up to code and safe for occupants.      
If you have any questions, concerns or complaints concerning fire service investigations or city code violations please contact Officer Kidd at:  
903-571-3885 or email at