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The purpose of Business Incentive Grant program is to enhance the economic vitality of the City of Chandler by encouraging visually appealing physical improvements to existing businesses within the city limits. Call EDC Executive Director, Jim Moffeit at (903)360-7779 for more information.
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Sawmill Rd.jpeg EDC Spotlight
City, EDC & TIF
Board Work
Together for

In 2011, a Comprehensive Plan was developed for the
City of Chandler. In it, the Master Thoroughfare Plan identified the future transportation needs of our city
in terms of streets. There were multiple needs iden-
tified for Sawmill Rd, both to the north and south of
Hwy 31. There was the possibility of a second signaled intersection on Hwy 31 and at some point in time, a
second railroad crossing, as well as adding more land
to the retail shopping area of the city.

Other needs and desires of the city were identified dur-
ing the planning process. One of those was a need for
a hotel. Since 2011, much work has been done in find-
ing a developer who was willing to build a hotel for
Chandler. Once the developer was found and the site
identified and acquired, the need for Sawmill Rd to
Old Tyler Road became a much more pressing project.
A Tax Increment Finance (TIF) zone was formed to
pay for the needed infrastructure such as the roads,
curbs and gutters, drainage and water and sewer. In a
Tax Increment Finance Zone (TIF), as the property
increases in value, the increased property taxes pay
for the bond that was acquired to pay for the infra-
structure. The Sawmill Rd construction is being paid
by the TIF funds and by contributions from the Chan-
dler Economic Development Corporation.

A Best Western Plus hotel will soon be located at the
northeast corner of Sawmill Rd and Old Tyler Rd. The
hotel is a private project with incentives from both the
Chandler Economic Development Corporation and the
City of Chandler.

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