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City of Chandler
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Chandler Police OfficersOverview
The Chandler Police Department was established in the 1960s. In the earlier years, prior to the 1950s, Chandler was under the watchful eye of a man who was considered the "night watchman." He carried a small, pearl handled .32-caliber pistol in the pocket of his overalls. Since that time, Chandler’s City Council decided the citizens needed more than a night watchman and the Chandler Police Department was established.

In the Past
When the Chandler Police Department was first established, the Police Chief was the only paid officer and answered calls as needed. Chandler was a small community with a population of less than 400, with a small two-lane highway and a four-way stop sign at the intersection of State Highway 31 and FM 315.

Prior to current Police Chief Ron Reeves, who has served over 30 years, five others have served the City of Chandler as chief. They are:
  • Charles Peeden, First Police Chief
  • Perry Huckabay
  • Ronny Whitton
  • Rick Carver
  • Bill Horton

Current Growth
Today, the small two-lane highway has been expanded to four lanes with a traffic signal at the same intersection. The Chandler Police Department now employs the police chief, plus seven other full-time officers and two reserve officers. The population is now over 2,700 and continues to grow yearly.

The Chandler Police Department's calls for service have increased over the years as the population has increased. But, overall Chandler is still one of the best small towns in East Texas - the city "with a heart" - where it is a pleasure to live and work.