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Community Police Officer
 Community Police Officer
Officer Carla Mossd
Officer Carla Moss

Officer Carla Moss joined the Chandler Police Department in 2009 as a Reserve Police Officer. She joined the force as a full-time officer in February 2010. Carla graduated from Kilgore College Police Academy 2007 with a basic Peace Officer certificate and license. She has completed over 640 hours of training at Kilgore College and now holds an intermediate Peace Officer's license. Carla has completed Crime Prevention I and Crime Prevention III and is a certified Community Police Officer. She is also currently a member of the East Texas Crime Prevention Association. She will be taking her final Crime Prevention II this year in order to be recognized by the State of Texas as a Crime Prevention Specialist. Carla was recognized as Police Officer of the Year in 2011. See article from The Chandler/Brownsboro Statesman, CBACC Recognizes Top Officer. In 2012, the police department realized that they needed a contact person to help coordinate neighborhood crime watch programs and work at various public events and Officer Moss was the obvious choice for the position. Carla is the liasion between the police department and the citizens of Chandler. She has been instrumental in establishing neighborhood watches all over the city. Contact Officer Moss at (903)571-3885 for more information on neighborhood watches or scheduling school events.