Milton Wallace

Striving for excellence in all that he does and keeping God first is the motto that Milton Wallace lives by each day. For 65 years, Milton Wallace has practiced this belief and it has caused him to be successful in life. He stated that he loves to see a plan come together and is always looking for people and things that will enhance what he is doing.

Milton Wallace was born in 1957 in Tyler, Texas to John and Thelma Wallace. He grew up in Chandler and Terrell, Texas. He was an only child. His father was a factory worker and mother was a teacher. After graduation from Terrell High School in 1975, he went on to East Texas State University (Texas A & M-Commerce), where he received his Bachelor’s and Master’s in education.

He began his working career in education at the age of 21 in Commerce, Texas at the middle school as a math teacher. He moved into administration and became an assistant principal in Commerce, Texas. The next chapter opened in Bettie, Texas as he became the principal of Union Hill High School. He continued his upward career move by moving to Denton, Texas. He started as an assistant principal but quickly moved to the head principal position where he became the principal of two high schools at one time and the planning , remodeling, and building of three schools. His career ended after moving to Longview, Texas where he was principal of Longview High School and administrator of the alternative school.

A new chapter of life was opened in 1989 when he married Gwendolyn Wheeler. No children were born in this marriage. They have been married for 34 years.

After Milton’s father passed away in 2008, after working for 30 years and retiring, Milton moved back to Chandler, Texas to take care of his mother. For a little over 9 years, he took care of his mother until her death in 2017.

As retirement was approaching, Milton was looking for new ventures to become involved in. He loved to travel and figured that he would pursue an area that he had been helping others with. He became a travel agent and for the last 14 years he has helped to make many people’s dreams come true as they have travelled around the world. He states that his specialty is cruises, but he also helps clients with flights, hotels, rental cars, group travel and destination weddings. After talking with friends, he decided to partner with them on another venture that would move him into the broadcast industry. He is now the co-owner of All Nations TV ( For nine years he has worked to bring the Christian community together across the world and promote God’s word through preaching and song.

While working with the television network, he started interacting with gospel artists. He quickly realized that independent gospel artists were lacking knowledge and information about the industry in which they were involved. To help rectify that problem, he began collaborating with the artists in many ways. He started helping them get their music to different radio stations. He created a text message information newsletter that had information about radio stations that would accept music. He also included in the newsletter information about other opportunities that were available to artists to use. He presently sends this information to over four hundred artists. Milton is also the president of the newly formed East Texas Gospel Music Professional which is a chapter of The Gospel Industry Network.

In his spare time, Milton loves to deal with family activities such as Family Reunions and Genealogy. He presently helps coordinate two family reunions and is researching his family roots and creating a family tree that has grown to over 30,000 people. He also oversees the family cattle business, and he has learned to drive a tractor and bottle feed a calf.

As you can see, Milton is a determined person and doing his best on task is a priority. He is keeping God first while pursuing excellence in all that he does.

Milton Wallace