Animal Control Services

Animal Control

The City of Chandler provides animal control services within the city limits. Please call City Hall at (903)849-6853 to report a lost or found animal.

Animal Control Services will only pick up stray dogs and cats that are within the city limits. Wild animals such as skunks, raccoons, possums and armadillos will not be picked up. Animal issues outside the city limits should be reported to the Henderson County Sheriff's Department at (903) 675-5128.

The City of Chandler does not offer pet adoptions. The Henderson County Humane Society does offer animal adoptions. Their contact information is:

Henderson County Humane Society
901 W. College St.
Athens, TX 75751
(903) 677-7387

There are limits on the amount of animals you may own within the city limits. No person shall keep more than 3 dogs or 3 cats at one location less than 5 acres. The keeping of more than 3 dogs or 3 cats at one location shall be considered as maintaining a kennel and all regulations relating to maintaining a kennel shall be relevant.

If you think an animal has rabies, call the Chandler Police Department at (903) 849-2181.